Friday, October 5, 2012


It's Friday and I nearly forgot about InstaFriday.  It's my favorite post of the week (and apparently the onl bit of blogging I've done all week).  Linking up with Life. Rearranged.  So though it's later than usual, here's a rundown of our week....
Silly boy on a Saturday morning.  Nevermind the wreck of a house behind him.  Just keep'n it real.
B and Grandad stopped by for a quick visit on their drive home from Atlanta.  They brought the boys real Coke.  Like in a glass bottle.  If Coke was foreign to these kids as is, having it in a glass bottle was just crazy!
I've been terribly ill this week.  Yesterday the only thing appetizing for lunch were pizza rolls.  With a side of pretzels and a dill pickle = nonhealthy.  I've tried to make up for that today with better choices, including this green smoothie.  Looks like baby poo but tastes good!
This boy conned Daddy into testing out the bikes at Wally World.  What a sucker.  And disregard the fact that he doesn't match.  This was obviously Daddy's doing.
Mess # 37.468 courtesy of Brigdon.  A nearly-full bottle of baby powder that nots so very full any more.  Empty actually.  BUT -- my bathroom now smells baby fresh.
Warm Hawaiian sweet bread fresh from the machine...mmmm.
We'd planned on buying this critter his very own bike for his upcoming birthday, but a friend of ours just happened to have one they no longer needed.  He is lovin' his new (new to him) bike!  Keeps calling it his "dirt bike."
Hope your week's been great!