Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Breakin'

I remember being a kid and so anxious for spring break.  Besides the obvious fact that it's a break from school, moreso it is the sure sign that summer break is near.  This year was Harrison's second spring break ever, and in keeping with tradition (see what we got into last spring break here), we wanted to make it special (but still budget-friendly). 

The first rite of warm weather?  Bustin' out the Slip & Slide!

And nothing more refreshing than hose water on a hot day

My favorite part of Spring?  Garden time!

With the help of this little worker boy

Our first beach day of the season

...with a full backseat!

A special "date" to dinner and Toy Story 3 on ice!

A "good" Friday with Daddy that included putt-putt golf.

Play Ball!

As hard as I try, it's still difficult for me to imagine that Harrison is old enough to participate in team sports.  He is growing up and making that transition to "big kid."  It's frightening and exhilarating all at the same time. 

With some encouragement from Daddy, Harrison decided that he wanted to try baseball this year.  We went for sign-ups, paid our fee, and waited for a practice schedule.  Patiently waited.  "Did you know anything about my baseball, Mom?" became a daily question.  Until finally we got a phone call welcoming Harrison to the Dodgers and when they would start practice.  

We're now halfway through the season, and their team has done really well with only 2 losses.  Fitting practices and games into our already busy schedule has been interesting, but seeing the shear joy and pride on Harrison's face is completely worth rearranging things.  Oh yeah, and I've learned that I might be a little competitive...maybe a little.

Ridiculously handsome in that uniform

3rd base and ready

Hustle boy!

Baseball ready to run for home


These two Romeo's sure have my heart!  I'm thinkin' maybe it could be the coordinating Valentine's Day shirts??! 

Valentine's Day 2012

Spring Has Sprung

And the one sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new!”

Here in North Florida, we generally start getting our first taste of spring around mid-January.  And oh, it is a glorious time!  The Lord knew I needed to be a Florida girl because I need my sunshine.  After weeks and weeks of bitter cold and gray days, spring is a welcome change.  Seems like the sun shines a little brighter, brand spankin' new bright green leaves form on the trees, and even the sky is bluer. 

As I'm writing this, we nearing the end of April (already) and will be in the throes of summer very, very soon.  But until then, we're lovin' the spring and our country-fried version looks something like this...

Warm sunshine...

Wagon rides...

Gettin' a little mud on the tires...

Small tires too...

Even this dirt daubber...

Afternoons outside that call for crazy get-ups like this...

And blue-eyed boys.