Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

50 is Fabulous

Our "B" is the big 5-0!

To celebrate, we had quite the celebration with lots of family and friends in attendance.  It was a fun time of laughs, fellowship, and remembrance.

Harrison had spent the day of the party practicing his little songs and his memory verses.  He told me, "...Ummm, I vank I'm prolly gonna do like 4 songs and maybe 3 burses."  We didn't actually think he'd actually go through with it, but were totally surprised.  No need for a deejay, he was our entertainment!  In true Harrison style, he belted them out like the little country boy he is.  We were cracking up! 

I am so grateful our friend Michele captured a few shots of his singing in the "maackerphone." 

 Love this picture, but it makes me wish we'd had coordinated our clothes a little better!

This boy is my heart

...and this one too!

Fair Fun

By far a highlight of fall for my Harrison is when the county fair rolls around.  This year's fair was no exception.  Now that he's a big Preschooler, his school had taken a field trip to the fair during the morning.  Sadly, he thought we were there to ride the rides and such, but this was not that kinda trip.  BUT, they got to see a chimpanzee show and tour the 4H animals being shown.  He still had a great time!

Needless to say, Justin and I made a point to take him again for the full experience.  My nephew Tyler (the cutie pictured above) is only 11 months younger than Harrison and those two guys are just the best of friends.  They had the most fun last year riding rides together, so we made sure Tyler (along with new baby sister Claire and Mom & Dad) joined us again.  Those critters had the most fun!  The lights, the rides, the animals...all wonderful. 

On the drive home, Justin and I were talking about what fun the boys had, but when they grow up they'll be totally disappointed.  The fair is unbelievably lame when you're a grown up...sad to say, but true. 

Until next year, Baker County Agricultural Fair!

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He's so cute, it's scary!

Riding rides
(I can remember riding this same alligator-themed kiddie coaster when I was his age...crazy.)

That blur in the photo?  That would be two little fellas belting out belly laughs. 

Fishing Game champs

Daddy loves his Mini-Me Brig

Fishing Game

Memory Monday

** Wow...realizing it's been a good two weeks or so since I've posted.  Guess it's obvious that we've been running non-stop those past two weeks.  Needless to say, I'm back and lots of new posts filled to the brim with sweet boys to come!

Ah, Memory Monday, we meet again. 

One year ago, my little family of three was anxiously preparing the arrival of a new bundle of sweetness.  My very dear friend Jennifer of J. Higginbotham Photography did a special maternity portrait session to capture the beauty that was my ever-expanding waistline.  She was also gracious enough to snap a few shots of our family as three.   Even before I saw the proofs, I had no doubt the portraits themselves would be great.  Jennifer is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.  (Know those sweet pictures one my blog header?  Those are courtesy of her too.  She's the greatest.) 

What I was not prepared for the day I saw the proofs were the tears that would pour from my eyes.  Seeing my growing family truly brought tears to my eyes.  I have tearfully browsed these photos many, many times since that day with the goofiest grin on my face.

I am one b.l.e.s.s.e.d. girl. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010


This past Friday was a teacher planning day = No school! 

With Harrison now in school and me working in the afternoons, I feel like my one-on-one time with him is limited these days.  So I took the opportunity for us to have a "Fun-Day" like we used to.  A Fun-Day is a day that he gets to pick something fun for us to do.  He can pick going out for ice cream, a trip to the mall (yes, he has picked this before and no, I didn't argue), or baking cookies together.  He decided this Fun-Day was to be spent at the park.  Better yet, Justin was off so he joined us. 

It was such a pretty fall day and we enjoyed our time together that morning.  I'm glad I snapped a few pictures because no doubt I'll forget about sweet simple days like this!

 Love this picture AND those baby blues!

Open House

 My big preschooler had his open house this past Tuesday.  It's been obvious that over the past few weeks, his teachers have been making the students practice for their open house program.  I figured this out as part of our "Three Things" daily routine on our way home from school.  See [here.]  Harrison's Three Things are totally predictable, but it gets him to open up about his day, which I love. 

#1)  "We played on the playground."  This is ALWAYS the first thing he tells me about, which is no surprise.

#2)  He usually has some comment about an artsy activity they did, whether it focused on the color, number or letter of the week.

#3)  The last few weeks, this has been something to do about his "program."  He kept asking over and over, "when is my program again?"  Was he worried we'd forget?!

Part of the learning at his preschool requires the children to memorize a scripture every week.  At first, I didn't think to much of this, but as the weeks have progressed, I've realized that's some hard stuff for a little 4-year-old brain.  Wait...that's some hard stuff for my 27-year-old brain!  That boy has shocked the pants off of me by knowing his scriptures every week.  Just goes to show how absorbent that little brain of his is and how non-absorbent mine is.

The open house program was a series of songs and in between songs, each class would recite a scripture verse.  Now, my Harrison loves to sing...a lot, so needless to say he had been practicing those songs at home.  Day to day, he would remind us he has to practice his "burses" as in verses.  And, week to day, he would spout them off perfectly.  Much better than I could have. 

I am astounded at the things he has learned already in this school year.  His open house program proved what a great job his preschool is doing.  I love that the curriculum is Bible-based and the teachers love the Lord; it shows in how they are with those children. 

At this point, today is Thursday so Harrison has to recite this week's "burse" to his teacher tomorrow. I actually have a list of the weekly verses so we can practice at home, but I hadn't looked at it all week. This afternoon Harrison says to me, "I already know my memory burse." I said, "Okay, lemme hear it." He goes on to recite John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son Jesus..." Can I just say it totally gave me chills. I was expecting something simple out of Proverbs or Psalm, not the single scripture in all of the Bible that sums up human existence.  One proud Mama!

Can't forget about this sweetness, who loved watching Bubs up on stage!

Thursday Thought

So, today's Thursday Thought isn't all that's been a long, yet productive day.

Just wanted to take a sec and show off a little something I've been crafting.

We're well into fall and the cool mornings, crisp air, and clear skies never cease to remind me why I love this time of year.  To welcome the season in style, I've been working on these little fall-themed applique shirts. 

I have plans to add coordinating styles for Brig and something a tad girlier for my niece Claire.  I can't wait to see my favorite little people decked out in these sweet shirts at the pumpkin patch, the Fall Festival, school parties, and who knows where else!

To find out how to get your own, click here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

God Bless the USA

This is quick (had to get it in here before I forget)...

Justin and I have been talking wtih Harrison a lot about gratitude and how blessed he is in comparison to children in other parts of the world.  In getting ready for bed tonight, somehow we got on this topic again.  As a side note, I've begun to realize that most "teaching opportunities" present themselves in the most mundane day-to-day moments when you'd least expect it (or actually be able to prepare for!). 

With Justin working nights, I make it a point to pray with Harrison every night in bed.  We talk and recount the day and what we have going on the next day and make a mental list of what we want to pray for.  He usually insists that I go first, and on this particular night, I did just that.  Like always, I threw something short in there about be happy with all our blessings that we don't even deserve.  (Don't fancy words - we're talking about a 4-year-old.)

Next up is Harrison.  The first few lines of his prayers are the s.a.m.e. every night, which is okay with me.  Anyway, he's going down the line "vanking" (thanking) Jesus for nearly everyone he knows (whom he names one by one).  He got to take a field trip to the fair this morning with his school and he gave thanks for that and for having a good time.  He gave thanks for this pretty weather that "makes me not sweat."  We get to the end and he adds "...and vank (thank) you for letting me lib (live) in a crunchy (country) where I can go to church..."  Crunchy?  Did he just say Crunchy?  Yes, yes he did.

After cracking up at "crunchy," I was touched that he didn't bring up his fun toys or nice clothes, but he was thankful he got to go to church.  My sweet-souled boy.

"You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength..." 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday Truth

"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." 

Anyone who has ever considered the "Proverbs 31 Woman" has probably thought -- as I have -- How can this woman be human?  As if I wasn't already overwhelmed at times just getting by in the day-to-day mundaneness of my life, Mrs. Thang "Proverbs 31" blows my best day totally out of the water. 

To keep this from being too lengthy, I opted to not include the entire Proverbs 31 passage above, but you can read it here.  Wow.  Are you getting the feeling that you're lacking something??  Me too.  Yikes.

I find it interesting that King Soloman (AKA the wisest and probably the wealthiest man ever to walk on this planet) concludes the book of Proverbs with this chapter...specifically aimed at women.  Since the beginning of time, it's obvious that God has laid out the importance of family and here in Proverbs, He reiterates that it's us Mama's who hold that family together. 

Is this "wife of noble character" that King Soloman describes a realistic model for me...a modern gal?  Absolutely.

Solomon basically outlines the fact that a godly woman can find fulfillment in her home, in the community, AND in a career.  Though the passage doesn't limit a woman's role to any one of these areas, nor does it state that all women should do everything in all these areas.  Whew!  (That was my sigh of relief!)  All of this "Proverbs 31 Woman's" qualities grow out of her fear of the Lord. 

This attitude is as crucial for us gals today as it was in King Solomon's day.  While everyone can benefit from this woman's example of initiative, godliness and hard work, the main lesson she offers is her outlook rather than her output.