Friday, August 31, 2012


Happy Friday!  I stumbled upon InstaFriday courtesy of Lindsey over at the Pleated Poppy.  It's basically a rundown of the week's moments, funnies, screw-ups, messes, and hilarities...all displayed through Instagram.  Are you excited?  I am.
So, this will be a new feature for us every Friday.  I'm already an Instagram-er, so how convenient to upload them to this fun linky party at Life. Rearranged.  (yet another great blog!)  Hoping to link up with her every week
Here goes.
Had an entire Saturday to ourselves school shopping.  We hit two malls, Target, JoAnn and Sephora (both for me), and ended with dinner at Wasabi Japanese.  One-on-one time with my little man doesn't happen too often.
Rounded out summer break with one last getaway.  The boys love the pool and play area at The Fountains - our favorite place to stay in Orlando.
The main part of our Orlando getaway?  Sea World!  (with matching applique shirts, naturally)
Bakin' up peanut butter cookies on a Friday night
this + that = best thing ever
First day of first grade!
Stitched up matching little boy faux bowties for a vintage shoot (post coming soon!)
Trying to get back into a daily green smoothie (green thanks to handfuls of fresh spinach).  Though it resembles something in a newborn's diaper, this one was delish -- chocolate/peanut butter/banana
This little miss is having a doggy vacation at our house for a few weeks.  Boys are thrilled.  The dog will be in MIA in fear, I'm sure.
See ya next week!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Team Chappy...Racing, that is.

Aren't you curious of the country-fried things we do in our spare time??! 
(And by "we," I mean my man and the boys...this isn't my thing) 
Justin has had this beater project of a mud truck for years, affectionately named Big Blue.  Probably their favorite thing to do with that truck is haul it to the local mud boggs. 
It's a rarity that I join them, but this particular day was Justin's birthday.  Guess I could suck it up and go along, right?? 
Big Blue
the Team Chappy pit crew
Doin' what they do best

Batter Up! Harrison is SIX!

That 6-pound 12-ounce June baby boy of our just turned SIX!  He assures me that six is "grown's first grade, Mama." 
Don't remind me. 
He had his heart set on a baseball themed birthday party, so I set out "pinning" all things baseball that I could.  And then Strep throat set in. 
For me. 
Mama got sick. 
Needless to say, the party was still fun, but a lot of those great pins got tossed to the wayside.  Bottom line -- Harrison didn't mind at all.  It was his day, his party. 
Can't have a June birthday without some water fun to beat the heat...the water slide was a huge hit!
Fisher and Harrison crash landing
Perhaps the biggest kid of all
Only Dad would put a $50 bill in a huge empty Frosted Flakes display box!
This critter was wore slap out (much like his mother) at the end of the day

"Chapman Outdoorsman Event" -- Father's Day

Father's Day 2012 landed on the weekend that we returned from Sanibel.  And though we were all glad to be home, we couldn't let Father's day go unnoticed. 
My mom-in-law came up with the idea of doing an "Outdoorsman Event" for all the men in the family.  They would each have to compete and with each event would get points, which would be totalled at the end.  First place won $100 to Lowe's, 2nd place $50 to Lowe's, 3rd place $25 to Cracker Barrel, and 4th place $25 to Applebee's.
It was SO much fun to watch.  These guys are majorly competitive!
Event 1:  Archery
Event 2:  Skeet Shooting
Event 3:  Pond Fishing
The Cheerleading Crew:

Livin' on Island Time -- Sanibel 2012

"Wishing I was knee deep in the water somewhere
Got the blue sky breeze and it don't seem fair
Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair"
We kicked off summer break with our annual trip to Sanibel Island.  For a flashback, here are recaps from our prior Sanibel shenanigans here and here and here and here and here (whew!).  This place has my heart. 
So many sweet memories and many more to come.
Serious business
Burning off Cheeburger Cheeburger lunch
Buried Briggy in the sand
Low tide is the best time
As usual, we snapped some family portraits too.  You just can't beat the beautiful scenery...makes for special shots!
(be looking for some of these shots in a soon-to-be updated blog header!)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dustin' off the keyboard! 
Hope to recap our summer and catch up on some things very soon.  AND...a few new features!