Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dusting off the ole blog...

It's been a whirlwind of crazy busy days the last few months, and I'm just now dusting off the ole blog.  I was at least keeping up with InstaFriday for a little bit (and am still snapping Instagrams like a crazy person), but those fell to the wayside too.
With the holidays approaching, I had been wanting to get back into the swing of blogging regularly, solely because it keeps me grounded.  Everyone's busy and have their own life to tend to, but I find major therapy in pounding the keys of my laptop.  It's a great outlet...even if no one cares to hear about my ramblings.
This post was intended to be an update, but I can't shake that there's more I need to say.  I started a new Bible study through my Good Morning Girls group just this week.  It's a short 4-week study based on the Advent and focused on Jesus' birth.  The study alone has been great so far, but there are weekly family activities included as well, which makes it not just a personal Bible study, but one that can easily be turned into family time.  And isn't that what family worship is about?  Living life day in and day out focused on Jesus, on grace, and on glorifying Him, even in the mundane. 
To be honest, I've failed in the family time this week, but weekdays are just an odd routine for us.  So I'm looking forward to the weekend to really be able to drive home what I've been absorbing from the Word this week.
Which brings me to the real reason for this post...
Today's reading really hit me hard.  I've neglected my God time lately and it shows.  Actually, it screams out.  My patience is shot, joy is minimal, and I feel like I'm trudging through the day.  That's no way for a Believer to live.  We're called to live and walk and do life with joy! 
Today's verses actually focused on Old Testament prophecies predicting the birth of Jesus, specifically Jeremiah 33:15-16.  My Bible cross-referenced Isaiah 11:1-5, which drove it home even further. 
When thinking about the Christmas story, the fact that it was foretold many years before it actually occurred is a fact that I sometimes forget.  As amazing at the events of that day were, it's moreso amazing when you realize that His coming was specifically prophesied years before...multiple times -- not just by Jeremiah and Isaiah!  God had a plan in place -- a perfect plan -- before the foundations of the earth.  And every step toward that glorious Bethleham night and every step since that night are for a specific reason; to bring redemption.  What a beautiful picture of grace!
I had to break down and ask forgiveness for my attitude much impatience and snappiness, not enough gratitude and joy.  And we just wrapped up Thanksgiving...seriously.  In this study for this week, we're focusing on hope and the joy that we can have because Jesus brought hope to our world with His birth, and every day since.  If my heart were truly focused on the miracle and grace that was poured out at Jesus' birth, then my heart can only be overjoyed.  Forgive me for losing focus.  Help me, today and every day, to not lose sight of the manger because it leads to the cross and is the very definition of redemption.  Redemption on an undeserving, messy world.  Redemption for my undeserving, messy self. 
If you're interested in jumping in with this study, it's not too late!  Visit and click on the Advent study.  The plan and accompanying eBook are completely free when you subscribe for email notifications. 

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