Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Graduate

It's hard to believe the school year is already coming to a close.  It seems as if I was just holding back tears after dropping Harrison off for his first day of preschool.  Now, fast-forward 9 months later, we have arrived at Preschool Graduation.

To be honest, I was a little nervous how my emotions would hold up, but the Graduation Program was so funny that I didn't have a minute to cry.  Full of songs and scripture and then the finale...awarding the diplomas.  We watched as each student, class by class, made their way to the front of the stage, took their respective bow or curtsey, and was given a big squeeze from their teacher and handed their diploma. 

At the start of the program, our boy was the line leader and the first one in.  In his usual manner, he strutted in swinging those arms and took his seat on the stage.  Once they got to the diploma part of the program, I realized that the downside to Harrison being the first one in meant that he would be the last one to receive his diploma.  I panicked and thought for a second, "Oh no!  Everyone will be tired of clapping by the time they call his name!"  Who am I kidding?  The whole row of our family was whopping and hollering just for him. 

Harrison, I'm so proud of you and all your hard work this year.  You've grown and changed and learned so much.  God has big plans in store for you!

First United Methodist Preschool Class of 2011

Singing "...and I will open, open, open the door and will come in."

Take a bow

A big hug from Ms. Shelly

My Sweet Family (even though Dad looks annoyed)

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