Thursday, August 26, 2010

Watch Out World - Here Comes Harrison

The Chapman household hit a HUGE milestone this week.  We have a child in school. hurts to say it.  Our sweet-souled Harrison started K4 at First United Methodist Church on Monday.  I have never seen a child so elated to be going to school and hope this joy continues through all his school years, though I doubt. 

We have been working all summer to get him prepared for school, so he knew well in advance was was happening.  I took him, just the two of us, school shopping one day for some new school clothes.  The Friday before school, his "B" took him shopping for his school supplies and to see a movie to celebrate his last day of summer.  The Thursday before his start date, I attended a parents-only orientation and was able to meet his teacher, etc.  I had made up my mind months ago that there was no need to be sappy over this, that Harrison was going to grow up whether I liked it or not, so I may as well embrace this next stage of his life.  At least that's what I had been psyching myself up for. 

Through all the school shopping and seemingly nonstop talking about school and even through the orientation, I held it together rather well.  At the end of orientation, we were able to go and look at the children's classrooms and meet their teachers.  As I walked into what would be Harrison's classroom, it hit me at the door.  The teacher had a big tree on the door and all these little red apples around the tree.  Each apple had a student's name on it. 

I saw the apple.  "Harrison." 

My heart stopped for a second and I literally had to choke back tears to keep them from flooding his classroom.  So very bittersweet. 

That first day, Monday, Harrison got to meet his teacher and his classmates and play in his classroom.  No tears for Mama, no tears for Harrison.  Just joy.  Joy at watching that little 6-pounder newborn who had suddenly grown into a school boy seemingly overnight.  Joy at watching him make friends and build social skills and learn.  Joy at a few quiet hours at home just me and Brig.  It's good stuff. 

No doubt as days pass, this little blog will fill up with things he's learned, stories he's told and silly things he's done.  Just joy.

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  1. I hear ya!! Too cute about the apple being the thing that made you tear up. I am the same way!! Bittersweet, indeed.