Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Ten

My word, it's been a while since I've done a Tuesday Ten!  It's been sheer craziness 'round here, and I honestly don't know why.  Just busy livin' life, I suppose.  Here's a brief breakdown of what we've been up to the past month or so. 

***It's photo-heavy....consider yourself warned!***

The boys gained a new baby cousin, Kai David, seven weeks ago.  They were smitten.  Kai is Brig's first encounter with a baby -- he's always been the baby -- and he affectionately calls him the "bay bay."  So sweet.

Nana B with all THREE grandsons

Naturally, the fall season calls for carving a pumpkin or two -- something Harrison looks forward to every year.  This year, I was able to let him do the majority of the work, all but the cutting.  It turned out great!


That is some serious concentration

This little pistol of a boy loves to climb in -- and on -- anything he can.  I'm honestly not surprised he hadn't found the dryer sooner...

Our church hosts a county-wide fall festival every year and it is so fun.  The kids love the bounce houses and games, and the adults love the food!

Brothers -- in coordinating pumpkin shirts!

I was able to tag along with Harrison's kindergarten class for a field trip to the pumpkin patch, followed by a fall party back at school.  It was the prettiest day and all the kids had such fun.  He and his classmates even took turns carving a pumpkin for their classroom. 

Pumpkin Patchin'

Scooping out the junk....eww!

Halloween!  These critters loved dressing up and trick-or-treating with their pals.  I already had the monkey costume for Brig, and after much persuasion for Harrison to agree to be the Man in the Yellow Hat, it was a no-go.  He was set on being a "monster truck race driver," so that's precisely what we did.  And Brig was Curious George all on his lonesome.  A few weeks before we trick-or-treated with the boys, Justin and I attended a costume party thrown by some friends as Shrek and Princess Fiona.  Even when you grow up, getting dressed up is still a blast!

Mama and the 'monster truck race driver'

Mama and a wiggly Curious George

Princess Fiona and Shrek
(Disclaimer:  Harrison snapped this photo.  Shrek is squinting at the flash and Fiona is too busy explaining how to work the camera to strike a pose.  Hey, it works.)

Every year since Justin and I have been married, we've participated in Operation Christmas Child.  OCC is a ministry that collects shoeboxes and distributes them to children in all parts of the world.  We pack a shoebox with small toys, school supplies, candy, and toiletries.  Then the folks at OCC include a 6-week discipleship book in the shoebox and hand deliver them across the planet to poverty-stricken children who wouldn't have otherwise gotten anything for Christmas.  And more than the toothbrushes and toys, these children are taught about Jesus through the discipleship course.  They, in turn, tell their families about the love of Christ.  Entire communities are changed through the work of OCC.  It's something very dear to my heart and now that Harrison is old enough to understand that Christmas is so much more than presents, he is a big helper in our shoebox packing.  It's something we look forward to every year.  After we packed and wrapped the boxes, we prayed over them and for the children who would receive them and that they would accept Jesus and go tell their families.  I have no doubt that heaven will be much fuller thanks to the work of OCC. 

We've got a potty-trainin' nearly 2-year-old in the house!  Brig's been doing super on the potty for the most part, but there are not-so-great days.  I would have never guessed this pistol wild child of mine would be so good with the potty.  I'm so proud of him!

He's covering his face because he didn't want his picture taken....he he.

My best friend Susannah and her husband welcomed two perfect baby girls to their family last week -- Payton and Ashlyn.  They joined big sister Meghan and big brothers Logan and Weston.  The twins are sweet as can be and just perfect.  It's such a miracle when one baby is born, but to see TWO perfect healthy newborns is just unreal.  What an amazing God!

I rescued two Cracker Barrel rocking chairs from the dump last week.  These were my mother-in-law's chairs, which were previously white.  Both chairs were worn and one had some rotten wood.  My handsome handyman of a husband repaired the rotten wood.  After sanding them and adding two counts of satin black enamel paint, I am in love!  Total cost:  $15.00 (for paint).  These are so comfy and look great on my little porch.  The Little Mister rocking away in these pics isn't too bad either. 

Make it a great week y'all!

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