Monday, November 28, 2011

Memory Monday

***After a long break from blogging, I'm back -- and very glad about it!***

We're recovering from a busy Thanksgiving weekend full of food, shopping, and fun.  More about our holiday shananigans in tomorrow's Tuesday Ten.  But for today, it's Memory Monday!

For today, I'm going to jump back a little further than one year ago to TWO years ago.  We were a family of three at that time and anxiously awaiting baby Brig to make his appearance.  We celebrated the holiday, but opted for no shopping.  Instead, we packed for the hospital, tied up loose ends for the nursery, and put up Christmas decorations.  And it was perfect timing because the Monday after Thanksgiving, we welcomed our sweet pistol of a fella Brigdon David Chapman to our family, and we have never been the same. 

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