Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kindergarten -- Here's comes Harrison!

**This is the first of many catch-up posts and at this point, we're halfway through the school year.  Still bittersweet to see these pictures and the milestones my boy has crossed.**

Check out this big kid on his first day of Kindergarten!  He was up with the sun first thing in the morning, dressed, breakfast, and on pins and needles to go.  We paced ourselves to allow for a rush of cars at the school for his first day.  I wanted to park and walk him in (and snag a few pictures) and watch him react.

Even with my careful planning, Harrison was the first in his class that morning.  He met his teacher again and handed her her gift along with a hug.  She showed him where to put his things and he settled at his table to work on a morning paper.  He got right to work, so I kissed him and scooted out.  As I pulled away from the school, I choked back tears -- not because I was sad, but happy tears to see him growing and excited for this next stage in his life. 

And as part of a new tradition, the "Back to School Fairy" left a surprise on the front steps.  A snazzy Lightning McQueen thermos and Tow Mater Pez candy.

Bags and lunch are pack...and a little gift for teacher
He picked out his own outfit -- Daddy was proud!

In front of his new school

 Welcome to Kindergarten!

Because of staggered start dates, it was a few days before Harrison got to go back and finish up his first week of kindergarten.  He was a champ riding the bus home and we were excited to hear about his adventures!

And just for kicks, here's a quick glimpse of Harrison's first day of preschool a year ago...

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