Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Breakin'

I remember being a kid and so anxious for spring break.  Besides the obvious fact that it's a break from school, moreso it is the sure sign that summer break is near.  This year was Harrison's second spring break ever, and in keeping with tradition (see what we got into last spring break here), we wanted to make it special (but still budget-friendly). 

The first rite of warm weather?  Bustin' out the Slip & Slide!

And nothing more refreshing than hose water on a hot day

My favorite part of Spring?  Garden time!

With the help of this little worker boy

Our first beach day of the season

...with a full backseat!

A special "date" to dinner and Toy Story 3 on ice!

A "good" Friday with Daddy that included putt-putt golf.

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