Friday, January 14, 2011

Santa and His Helpers

"Santa" and "Mrs. Claus" (ahem...Justin and I) had a big surprise planned for the boys for Christmas...a wooden playset for the backyard!  Mr. Handy Manny had decided that he was going to build it himself, which you can imagine led to a little skepticism on my part.  I had complete faith that he could build it, but was concerned about him making it happen in the small time frame we had.  Oh yeah...this whole thing was to be done incognito

** Just for the record, it's harder to keep a 4-year-old out of the backyard than you think.  I could devote an entire post just to the tactics we used the week before Christmas to keep Harrison out of the backyard or from even going to the backdoor (which is glass) or from even peeking out the windows into the backyard.  Sheesh. **

We managed to hide it well and Harrison was so very surprised on that cold Christmas morning!  Seeing the look on his face was unbelievably worth the while. 

AND I'm pretty proud of my handsome handyman for making it happen (with a little -- okay a lot -- of help from his "Elf" Bryce)!

Supplies...Trip 1 of 4 made to Lowe's over the course of the week

Phase I

Phase II - Seriously, wouldn't it have been easier to just use a ladder?.  Silly boys and their toys.

Phase III - nearly done!

Phase III

Done!  (Minus one special baby swing that got installed on Christmas Eve!)

Christmas Morning - Daddy & Brig testing out the slide

Brig loves his swing!

Just a swingin'

So happy!

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  1. That is awesome! I am impressed you built it yourselves. I love the play gym we hauled over to our backyard from my sister's backyard. Our girls spend *so* much more time running around outside in the yard now. It's so cool!