Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Thought

What, you may ask, am I thinking about today?  Well, if you must know, I'm having a little pity party about how much whole bunch (myself included) is sick yet again.  This dreary gray winter has been brutal enough, but now we're a germ-fest as well. 


Just so I can vent, here's a list:

1.  I'm annoyed that the extra money I had "squirrled" away for a much-needed shopping trip for myself (a rarity in itself) got spent at the pediatrician's office yesterday.  Final diagnosis = Yet another ear infection and an early sinus infection for the baby.  But wait, it get's better. 

When I picked Harrison up from school yesterday, he was hacking a dry cough.  On the bright side, this is his only symptom, and thanks to Delsym that's under control and he's off on his merry way at school today. 

2.  As if having sick little ones isn't bad enough, Mama doesn't get sick days and she's stuck in the middle of the mess as well.  Boy, is this mess cramping my style!  We've had to miss church last night, will be missing small group tonight and will probably be missing a fun girls-only (plus kids) get-together tomorrow night.  Does this cold not realize that my spirit craves quality time out of the house??  (Stuck in the car with sick kids traveling to said pediatrician noted above does not count.)  Sheesh!

3.  Alas, in the daily battle to turn the bad upside down and take the focus off everything going wrong to the innumerable things going right, I am grateful this is only our second round with illness.  Our whole bunch was sick just before Thanksgiving and we've all managed to stay well up until now...nothing short of a miracle considering the brutally cold weather combined with every other germy kid who fills Harrison's school and our church nursery.  I have a handful of friends who've just been put through the ringer with sick babies over and over this season. 

4.  This Florida girl is warm-blooded to the core, and I earnestly await warmer temperatures...even the 100-degree August days.  I never find myself on those muggy, steamy summer days thinking, "Oh, I wish it were winter..."  BUT, nearly every day of winter, I find myself craving the exact opposite, "Will it ever be summer again??" 

My Florida blood runs deep.  Gimme sunshine and balmy weather!

Suppose that's enough complaining for me, but it sure feels good to get that griping off my chest.  Now, excuse me while I go wipe some snotty noses...including mine. 

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