Friday, April 8, 2011

Flashback Friday

So it's been a little bit since I've posted a Flashback Friday, but I'm doing my best to prep these posts ahead of time, because in the end, they are most definitely worth the time!

Today, we're going back 27+ years ago to look at baby gear - then and now.  Wow...huge difference, as is quite obvious from the photos below.  I know just in the 3 years between Harrison and Brigdon, all things "baby" had changed so much.  Not just in actual baby gear, but it maternity clothing choices as well.  For instance, the Bellaband wasn't around when I was pregnant with Harrison, so until my bump was big enough for maternity pants, I did the old rubber band 'round the button thing to get me those couple of inches until the maternity pants looked right.  Needless to say, I now own the Bellaband in THREE colors.  And though they weren't cheap, I've since found a tutorial at Make It and Love It on how to stitch up your own band.

Anyway, I'll hush and get to the pictures.  While looking through old pictures for Flashback Friday inspiration, I was shocked at how much my Brig looks like me.  I hear some many people say that he looks just like Justin -- and I agree -- which is probably why I wasn't expecting my baby pictures to look like him.  Crazy how kids are such a mix, huh?

So here's Baby Sue circa 1984... 
(please excuse the fact that these pictures are unedited.  I don't know why they uploaded like that.)

If the baby swing weren't primitive enough, check out Dad's lower half.  Shorty shorts, striped tube socks and Chuck Taylor's.  Nice. 

And 22 years later, here's my firstborn...

For the life of me, I couldn't find a picture of him in the baby swing, but this floor gym and the other baby gear necessities below were invaluable!

The Jumperoo

And how could I forget the Exersaucer!

And then 3 years later, here's our "baby"...

The Buzzy Seat (Though Brig's outgrown this, it was a gift for Harrison and is still tucked away in Brig's closet for when baby number 3's that awesome!)

The Boppy

Another floor gym (different and much better than the one Harrison used, above)

That good ole Exersaucer!  Briggy loved it too!

We loved this little travel swing with Brig.  Diclaimer:  This photo is what happens when you don't buckle the child in.  He was not in motion, just sitting there for a minute and happened to fall asleep. 

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