Friday, July 8, 2011

Callahan Centennial Day

The little town of Callahan celebrated their 100th birthday and we made the drive to check out the festivitis.  Two words... Holy.  Heatstroke.

It was an unbelievably hot afternoon and not a stitch of shade to be seen.  We arrived in time to browse some of the booths and then watch the parade.  Even with the heat, the boys loved it.  Their favorite part of the parade?  All the tractors!  Brig kept pointing and saying, "Diss?  Diss?" 

After the parade, we B-lined to the car (with the A/C cranked) and went out for a nice little supper at Cracker Barrel (it's not secret, we <3 that place). 

Watching the parade

Even in black and white, you can see his little face is flushed from the heat.

Probably the most beautiful child I've ever seen.  No joke.

"Diss?  Diss?"


  1. Sounds like fun minus the heat part! Your boys are so cute and they obviously didn't mind being hot. I love the first one of them together.

  2. What cute boys. And what great pictures.

    We sure know about the heat down here!

    Hope your day is blessed!