Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Ten

It's time for Tuesday Ten yet again!  It's been a fun-filled week 'round here, and we're enjoying summer break.  (Even though I'm a tad anxious for school to resume...we're enjoying it nonetheless!)

1.)  On Wednesday of last week, I took the boys to see Cars 2.  Probably Harrison's favorite Disney characters are Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater.  With a close second being Buzz and Woody of Toy Story.  Probably close to a year ago, we were at the movie theater and saw previews for Cars 2.  Since then, that boy has been so excited for it to come out.  B met us at the theater and the boys were so well-behaved (well, mainly Brig...Harrison's well-behaved 99% of the time anyway).  Both of them loved the movie; and to tell you the truth, I loved it too.  So cute!

2.)  After our morning at the movies on Wednesday, we shared Japanese chicken and veggies for lunch and then did a little school shopping.  As well as the realization that apparently 5-year-old's have an opinion about what they wear.  Since when did this happen?  Harrison's a typical boy and most of the time could care less about what he's wearing and gives me no lip when I set out clothes for him.  Nearly everything I picked up at the store and showed him, he had a negative opinion about.  So, I finally let him pick out something, and what does he choose??  The loudest, most obnoxious t-shirt in the store, of course with a TV character on it.  We just don't do characters.  We ended up compromising on a handfull of polo shirts and a few pair of shorts.  He still needs more things and Mama will be shopping alone for those!

3.)  Even though the boys have a swanky swing set in the back yard courtesy of Daddy, they love the Duck Pond Park.  So Thursday morning, we had a little park day.  With the heat wave going down now, we made it there bright and early...maybe 8:30 or so.  Harrison had been bugging me for days about when we could go to the park.  And here we were finally at said park, and in less than 45 minutes he was ready to go home, "because it was just too hot."  No hotter than our backyard...except that we have a waterhose, sprinkler, water balloons, slip and slide among other things to cool off.

4. )  For the first time ever, I made slider burgers for supper the other night.  Burgers on the grill are a regular supper for us, but it's just boring sometimes.  So, I decided to get a little creative and do mini burgers...sliders.  Oh. Sweet. Niblets.  These were so GOOD!  And Harrison just thought it was the neatest thing ever that we had kid-sized burgers. 

5.)  In the spirit of trying new things...  We decided to combine the boys' rooms this week.  Brigdon moved into Harrison's room, which is the bigger bedroom.  Brigdon's room is now our new playroom (details below).  With Harrison starting Kindergarten in just a few short weeks, I figured now would be a good time get both boys in the groove with combined rooms.  They pretty much have the same sleep schedules...they both wake at the same time, though Brig heads to bed in the evenings maybe 30 or 45 minutes sooner than Harrison, and both take afternoon naps still, of which Harrison won't any longer after school starts.  Harrison's twin bed has always had a trundle bed underneath and that's where Brig's sleeping for now.  We hope to have them bunk beds (details below) soon!  And I should add that taking the crib down and storing it away was a little bittersweet.  It helps to know it's not being put away forever!

6.)  Part of my desire to combine the boys in one room was the beauty of a playroom = one room for all toys.  They always play together, but between two bedrooms, there were toys strung from one end to the other.  The new playroom has been great!  The toys and books are all organized and they can both quickly pick it up at the end of the day.
The new playroom!

7.)  Another number dedicated to food!  Except this time, it's more of a community awareness thing.  I had a major lasagna fail this week.  I don't claim to be the greatest cook on the planet, but there are very few things that I cook that my bunch doesn't gobble up.  And lasagna is usually a big hit, especially Crock Pot lasagna.  Friday morning, I was putting it all together in my Crock Pot when I realized we were out of ground beed, so I subbed sausage thinking it'd be fine.  Except this wasn't ground Italian sausage (which is a really yummy swap for ground beef in Italian dishes), it was like kielbasa-type sausage.  I sliced it thin, browned it a little and then added it to my tomato sauce.  All afternoon while it was cooking, it smelled so good and we were looking forward to digging in.  Something about the sausage cooking slow like that all day just gave the entire thing this terrible taste.  The funniest part though, is that Justin and I neither one finished our supper.  We just couldn't do it.  But the boys - holy smokes...Harrison had seconds and Brig had thirds.  Thirds!  After finishing his third helping, he even whined for more.  At least the boys loved it, but I'll be sure to not make that mistake again. 

This boy loves Mama's lasagna!

8.)  As noted above, we're on the search for bunk beds for the boys.  I have in my mind exactly what I want, but finding it in our budget is another issue altogether.  Dreaming of something like this... 
Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids at a price tag of $1,199.  Yikes.

But will probably settle on something like this...
Courtesy of Walmart.com with a much lower price tag.  I'll be cranking up my sewing machine to jazz the beds up with matching quilts and such!

9.)  We just love Sundays.  By far my favorite day of the week and always has been.  There's just something about starting and ending the day in church on the day specifically set aside for worship and for rest.  Our Sunday's usually go something like this...  Breakfast early (breakfast every day of the week is early for my bunch!), hurry and dress, Sunday School and worship service, something yummy for lunch (chicken and dumplins this week!), naps for everyone (including Mama and Daddy), followed by church again.  Besides spending a Sunday precisely the way God intends it to be, it feels great to start the week on Monday well rested.  All too often the weekend buzzes by and Monday sneaks up and we don't even feel like we've gotten a break. 
"Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest..."

10.)  We had big plans for a group outing with friends to the Jump Zone, but after a little scheduling snafoo, we ended up at the Museum of Science and History...or MOSH.  Though Harrison was disappointed at first that we couldn't do Jump Zone, this was our first time at MOSH and he loved it.  Even Brig was intrigued with a lot of the exhibits.  It took us about two hours to do the museum, just in time for lunch.  After lunch, we drove home and both boys were exhausted.  Sweet music to my ears!

Love his "cheese" face!

Logan, Meghan and Harrison watching the fish

Logan, Meghan and Harrison with Mr. Spaceman

Be blessed this week!


  1. Very fun, I love project filled weeks with things getting accomplished around the house!

  2. sounds like you had a great week!

  3. Hi Susan - Sound like you had a fabulous week! I am so happy to hear Cars2 was kiddie approved. My little guy has the same character rankings and we have yet to catch the new one. The sliders look delicious - something I have been wanting to try but have not made this summer. Hope your boys like their new room! The playroom idea is genius! Thanks so much for sharing your Tuesday {Ten} - Hope you are having a wonderful week ~ Stephanie Lynn