Thursday, March 1, 2012

Curious Brigdon is T.W.O!

We celebrated our littlest boy's birthday over the course of a few days full of fun and cake and surprises.  Hard to believe that teeny 6-pounder baby boy is already two.  And I've been fair warned about the "Terrible Two's," but to be quite honest, the Terrible Two's have been around for a few months!

We celebrated on Brigdon's actual birthday -- November 30 -- with cupcakes after supper just our little family.

He says, "Tayke!"  (Cake)

The following Saturday afternoon, we had a small friends-and-family Curious George themed birthday party...appropriately in honor of our very own monkey boy.

Monkey cupcakes -- thank you, Pinterest!
Party favors
The Birthday Boy and B -- Make a Wish!
And what's a party without presents?!
Devoured another cupcake between baths 1 and 2

New wheels courtesy of Meme and Papa & Mama and Daddy

There's one other big surprise from Granddad and B, but that's for another post. 
(Hint:  It involves the infamous Mickey Mouse!!)

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