Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Joy Dare

I'm stepping out a limb here and using my little corner of the world wide web to keep me accountable.  As I've written before, Ann Voskamp's book "One Thousand Gifts" has truly changed my life.  In reading Ann's story -- where she set out to name 1000 gifts/graces/blessings -- the Holy Spirit started to work in me that I needed to do the same. 

So, I'm accepting this dare to live fully with The Joy Dare.  Technically, it started in January, but I'm behind -- imagine that.  BUT, I'm starting today, March 1, day 1.  

If you want to join me, hop over to A Holy Experience and be blessed!  

Today's dare...3 gifts at 3 p.m.  

(It's 2:50 p.m. as I type this and for once I'm on time!)

1.  A quiet house in the early morning.
2.  Hot coffee and the Word -- perfect combo.
3.  Harrison singing along with K-Love radio in the mornings headed to school.

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