Monday, October 10, 2011

Memory Monday

"It's just another Manic Monday...."  But, we're praising God for a new week and new mercies!

But in the style of Memory Monday, let's look back one year ago and see what the Chapman brood was up too.

We just wrapped up the county fair here in our small town this past weekend, so I found it quite fitting to highlight that for today's Memory Monday.  My boys -- especially Harrison -- l.o.v.e. the fair!  And though our county is small, so is our fair, but nevertheless, it's a blast for the kids.  The weather has been rough this past week, and we actually never made a true fair night with the boys (the first time in years that we've skipped it!), but Harrison's school had a field trip one morning and they were able to see a few shows, check out the exhibits and the animals.  No rides and no (yummy!) fair food, but it was enough for him.

Last year....

Harrison and cousin Tyler (with custom applique shirts courtesy of Mama Couture!)

And this wittle guy, who hardly looks like the same child a year later!

Happy Monday Y'all!

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