Monday, October 25, 2010

Fair Fun

By far a highlight of fall for my Harrison is when the county fair rolls around.  This year's fair was no exception.  Now that he's a big Preschooler, his school had taken a field trip to the fair during the morning.  Sadly, he thought we were there to ride the rides and such, but this was not that kinda trip.  BUT, they got to see a chimpanzee show and tour the 4H animals being shown.  He still had a great time!

Needless to say, Justin and I made a point to take him again for the full experience.  My nephew Tyler (the cutie pictured above) is only 11 months younger than Harrison and those two guys are just the best of friends.  They had the most fun last year riding rides together, so we made sure Tyler (along with new baby sister Claire and Mom & Dad) joined us again.  Those critters had the most fun!  The lights, the rides, the animals...all wonderful. 

On the drive home, Justin and I were talking about what fun the boys had, but when they grow up they'll be totally disappointed.  The fair is unbelievably lame when you're a grown up...sad to say, but true. 

Until next year, Baker County Agricultural Fair!

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He's so cute, it's scary!

Riding rides
(I can remember riding this same alligator-themed kiddie coaster when I was his age...crazy.)

That blur in the photo?  That would be two little fellas belting out belly laughs. 

Fishing Game champs

Daddy loves his Mini-Me Brig

Fishing Game

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