Thursday, September 6, 2012


Made it to week 2 of Instagram fun!  Linking up with Life. Rearranged. for InstaFriday.
Here's a quick rundown of our week through the lens of Instagram...
This boy made a very early start on Friday morning.  Apparently he didn't get the memo that Mama gets 30 minutes of quiet with her coffee before anyone else makes a peep. 
Cheerios for him.  Coffee for me.  Quiet for both. 
 Camo hat Friday!  J always says there's somethin' special bout a girl not afraid of a lil camo.  Agreed.
"Goin' out with my boots on"... as in Date Night!  Applebee's/Target/Lowe's/DQ kinda date night.  Without the kids. Bliss.
Went roller skating with our bro-/sis-in-law Sunday night...both boys' first time and mine & J's first time in 20+ years.  So. Much. Fun. 
This critter was fearless with his strap-on skates.  Completely in his own little world the whole night.  Better known as "Briggyville."
Laboring as little as possible on Monday (Labor Day) morning.  Coffee and Backyardigans - nice.
Decided being lazy wasn't for me and put out my fall decor. 
Yes, I'm aware this is Florida and it's still 90+ degrees outside. 
Yes, I'm aware the above-pictured banner refers to Thanksgiving. 
Yes, I'm aware Thanksgiving is 2+ months away. 
Pretty sure I need the reminder to be grateful in all things. every. day.   
Stitched up a little applique tee for Mr. Mason's Mickey Mouse themed 1st birthday party.  (say that 5 times fast)
Found this on Pinterest -- Pancakes baked in a muffin tin with sausage/bacon inside. 
Bake and dip in syrup. 
A huge hit!
Evening walk with the boys (as well as 4 trillion love bugs)
Snagged this at Walmart...smells just like the real deal.  Harrison came home from school and asked where the cookies were because he thought I'd baked cookies.  Good stuff.
Thanks for checking in with us -- Have a great week!

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  1. Love your real-life pics! And you are rocking that camo. Wear it with pride. :) glad to find you via instafriday! -amy

    PS- it's still 100 degrees here in texas and i am getting out the fall decor tomorrow. mind over matter - maybe if i pretend it's fall i won't feel so sweaty...