Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hooray for the end of the longest week ever -- it's Friday!  That means InstaFriday.  It's been a hairy week around here, and probably dull to most folk.  Changes and new things and cooler weather!
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My aunt got married in a sweet sunset lakeside ceremony Saturday evening.  This boy enjoyed the dance floor a lil too much and crashed minutes after we left. 
Sunday afternoon meant boy-time practing the bow.  Guess it's that time of year again. 
And this was Daddy's method of keeping Brig out of the way during bow practice.  He thinks he's "in charge" and judging each shot.  Coziest seat in the house, actually.
My littlest boy started preschool on Tuesday!  It's just part-time at two days a week, but he loved it and his teacher said he did great.  I managed to get a lot accomplished while he was gone, but that all came crashing down when he spent the hours between pickup and bedtime in a foul mood.  Over-stimulated and over-tired will do it every time. 
His bags are packed (and he looks so darn grown up!)
I'm nearly 29 years old and just realized that wearing the next day's gym clothes to bed the night before is genius.  Wake up and ready to go!
It was a crisp 69 degrees this morning -- woo hoo!  I knew if I put out all the fall decor, cooler weather would come.  The day quickly warmed up, but we left the windows in the house open as long as we could.  Well, that was until we were infested with love bugs. 
Saw this on Pinterest as a clever way to store fruit in the kitchen.  Had a couple of these plantars in the shed, so I cleaned it up and got that fruit off the counter.  It's so smart that I wish it was my original idea.
Have a great weekend!

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