Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vintage Back-to-School Portraits

Even though I don't have little girls, few things bring me as much joy as dolling up my "guinea pigs" and shooting portraits of them.  A few months ago, we inherited a vintage school desk from my Aunt Wendy that is just the coolest thing.  When I saw it, my mind immediately went to portraits.  I tinkered with ideas on location and outfits and then on a spur-of-the-moment Saturday afternoon, we decided to throw it all together. 
I had stiched up these matching faux bowties to drive home the "vintage" theme and the rest (with the help of the desk) fell together. 
I'm in love with how the pictures turned out and will no doubt be blowing a few of these up.  Can't help but smile every time I browse through them.
Harrison - 6 years old - Wants to be a dirt bike racer when he grows up
Seriously, Mom.
Sweet-souled boy
Brigdon - Age 2 - Wants to drive an ambulance when he grows up
They really do love each other
Because Brig can't be serious for longer than 9 seconds.
They look nerdy here, but I think it's cute.  Chicks dig nerds.
Mama's favorite  <3 font="font">

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