Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

(yes, I'm well aware that this is March and I'm just now getting around to recapping Christmas... *sigh*)

Justin and I had made it a point this year to keep holidays (specifically Christmas) as low key as possible, which is easier said than done.  No matter how much I plan, I can't help but get frantic at the last minute searching for certain gifts I have to find.  It was physically a challenge to put that mentality away. 


In hindsight, this low key Christmas was perfect.  We were relaxed and just spent the weekend enjoying the pure bliss that is our sweet little family.  The boys were overjoyed with their gifts and the smiles and giggles of the day were gifts enough for Mama and Daddy.  Holidays (and every day) never cease to amaze me at the countless blessings right before my very eyes. 

A good friend of mine said today, "Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle."  The Lord knows my heart and He knows when I'm in that humble state of gratitude (and also when I'm the exact opposite -- ugly).  Though I may not be in need of a physical miracle at this very moment, that doesn't mean that my own little world can't be turned upside-down in an instant. 

That phrase - "Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle" -- reminds me to be still and take in the moments that pass by so quickly.  It's like I can hear God whisper, "Slow down.  Breathe it in.  This is My love.  This is My provision.  This is My grace." 

So much more than I deserve.

A photo recap of our day....

A new tradition...matching jams - Christmas Eve

Reading the Christmas story - Christmas morning

Brig's very own TV clicker

New rubber boots for Harrison

...and of course, the swingset!

Even Daddy likes the slide

A shiny new bike from Meme and Papa

Brigster and Belle - Christmas evening

Meme Ruth with Brigdon

The big kids pushing the babies in a dump truck race

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