Monday, March 21, 2011


It's a well-known fact that my Harrison loves to sing.  Wait, actually, he loves to make noise, but singing is probably his favorite form of noise-making!  He sings to himself all throughout the day and if you ask him to sing him a song just for kicks, he'll belt one out in a split second.  Remember B's 50th birthday, here?  Yep, no shame in his game. 

The last Sunday night of every month, our church does a little something different than a regular Sunday evening service.  We meet earlier and have "Celebration Night."  Think modern-day dinner on the grounds, but inside (in the A/C) on cushy chairs and you've got it.  So we eat and fellowship and carry on and it's always a good time...and really good food.  But in lieu of a sermon, the stage is opened up for anyone who'd like to recite scripture, share a testimony, perform a skit, and even...sing a song. 

During January's Celebration Night, while different kids in our church family were doing various things on stage, Harrison leaned over to me and asked, "When's it gonna be my turn?"  I shouldn't have been surprised, but explained to him that you had to sign up ahead of time if you wanted to sing, but we could talk about it and if it's something he really wanted to do, then we'd sign him up next month.  Every Sunday night that followed he'd ask me if it was "Singin' Night."  When the time rolled around for February's Celebration Night, we talked about it and he said he wanted to sing a new song he learned at school. 

And in his true sweet-souled style, he belted "Thy Word" in front of our church family.  We videotaped him, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to post the video here.  I'll research it and try again.  But for now, here are the photos.

So proud of him!

Lovin' the "mackerphone!"

On the big screen too!

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