Monday, March 21, 2011

Learnin' to Shave

Probably one of the cutest Christmas gifts Harrison got was this Spider-Man Grooming Kit.  It came with kid-sized comb, hair gel, body wash, shaving cream, pretend razor and shower mirror...for shaving of course.  He's all into this grooming stuff, mainly because he wants to do everything and be everthing that his Daddy does.  (This is also why he insisted on his very own stick of "edo" -- deodarent -- quite a while back.  AND he wears it nearly every day.  Seriously.)

So, I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of him "shaving" for the first time with this new set. 

Disclaimer:  Please ignore the hideous pink walls in my bathroom.  They were an attempt to cover the pre-existing hunter green/baby blue and beige stripes from the previous owners.  That muted coral-y color on the swatched turned out to be Pepto Bismol pink on the walls.  It actually looks much worse in these picture than in person, but it's still bad.  Just please know it disgusts me and we are in the works of revamping that entire bathroom...dated fixtures, crummy shower stall and all. 

Now for the pictures!

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