Saturday, August 20, 2011

Harrison Turns F.I.V.E.!

***yes, this is a catch-up post.***

We celebrated Harrison's 5th birthday on June 21 with a hunting-themed family birthday party at our house.  It was small and simple and so fun.  B and Grandad rented an enormous waterslide for the backyard as their gift to Harrison and was by far the hit of the party.  Heck, it was the hit of the entire day...even J and I played on it with the boys!

"Happy Birthday to You..."
Keeping true to tradition, a picture of our whole family.  Except that this one leaves a lot to be desired.  Daddy is shirtless and the laundry room door is wide open.  Nevertheless, this is my life and I love it.
What's a birthday without a coordinating shirt!
Waterslide Fun
The Cake -- Crafted by Mama

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