Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Ten

It's Tuesday Ten -- and reader beware -- this is photo heavy!  It's been a few weeks (maybe 3?) since I've posted a Tuesday Ten and we've got some catchin' up to do.


A few weeks ago, I stitched up a little camo Bible cover for Harrison and since then I've been itching to do one for myself.  At one point, my Bible was pretty on it's own until a blue-ink-pen-wielding 21-month-old that I know got a little crazy.  But, no more.  Now it has a pretty fabric cover with a yummy ruffle and a ribbon tie versus the handles.  Plus, it totally feeds my love of gray and yellow. 


Thanks to Pinterest, I found this great tutorial for making your own laundry detergent, but in the powder form.  I've made laundry detergent in the past, but the recipe was for liquid form, and eventually it was just a headache to make and then store such a large amount of detergent.  The powder recipe was ridiculously easy AND regular loads only take 1 tablespoon.  (Besides the more obvious benefit is that it's much less expensive than store-bought detergent.  Don't get me started on that...)


Vacation Bible School 2011 is complete!  Because of MOPS Convention, we were only able to go for part of the week, but Harrison and Tyler still had the most fun.

Rainbow-Colored Hair for "Crazy Hair Day"

Rainbow-Colored Hair for "Crazy Hair Day"


Three of my very best girlfriends and I had the blessing of attending MOPS International Convention 2011 at the insanely beautiful Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, TN.  It was 4 full days of learning how to be a better wife, mother, leader and daughter of Christ...besides just really good girl-time!  By Sunday, I believe we were all itching to see our babies -- and their Daddy's too -- but everyone except me had a baby (or two!) in tow. 
Kendra (+ baby Elijah), me, Tamara (+ baby ?), Susannah (+ babies Ashlyn and Peyton)

Downtown Nashville
Music City U.S.A.
Friday night -- Mandisa in concert!
Saturday night -- Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman!


Beatin' the heat with popsicles...a true Summertime staple.

Wrong end, Briggy.


Before finishing up the necessary school shopping, I attempted to clean out closets and go through hand-me-downs from Harrison when I found these cowboy boots!  Judging by the size, I thought they'd be a little too big for Brig yet, so I let him try them on.  Whadya know, they fit perfectly.  And that boy did not want to take them off!  Eventually, he did take them off, only to then carry them around saying "ma boos, ma boos"  (my boots).  I'm pretty sure his fat little legs squished into mini-sized cowboy boots is pretty muchly the cutest thing I've ever seen. 


Ever wondered what country boys do on a lazy Sunday afternoon?  They get muddy...and the more mud the better!  This Power Wheel Rhino has been sitting around waiting on J to "fix it" for forever.  If you look closely at the second photo below, you'll see a tow rope coming from the front of the Rhino.  That tow rope is hooked to the back of the 4-wheeler (where I'm shooting from).  Harrison has appropriately named this contraption the "pull behind."  So simple and so country-fried -- emphasis on country -- but these critters have been loving that thing!  (Just in case anyone was wondering, the "pull behind" is J's brain-child...shock of the century, I know.)


I'd been wanting to put together a vintage photo shoot for my boys all summer, and with school starting back this week, it was time to cross that one off my list.  So, we headed out on our property one morning this week with a few props and the camera.  The boys were great and did super for me!
Our Big Kindergartener
Sweet Brothers
This is my favorite -- it's getting printed big for sure
Love this crooked tree, but love the boy in the tree so much more
Sweet brothers...yet again


While I was gone to MOPS Convention, the boys stayed with their B, who had all sorts of things planned.  They had fun in her pool, at the park, going to the movies and even a day at the Alligator Farm.


It's not a Tuesday Ten if there's not something food related.  Yet again, thanks to Pinterest, I found this recipe for old school no-bake peanut butter chocolate oatmeal cookies.  
My best kitchen helper (and his favorite monster truck p.j.'s)


Make it a great week...we sure are!


  1. Your vintage photo shoot is fabulous! Love the popsicle photos too! Really great collection of photos.

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    Adorable vintage shots. :)

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