Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sanibel Vacation 2011

As expected, the boys had the most fun on our annual trip to Sanibel.  It seems the older I've gotten, I don't feel like we need to spend an entire vacation going and doing and seeing everything.  It's much simpler now and I get the most joy out of simply spending time with my little family.  Playing in the sand.  Walking the beach.  Bike rides.  Mornings on the balcony. 

Though we're hoping for a different arrangement in accomodations next year, the summer is nearly over and I'm already aching to go back.  Maybe, just maybe, I can talk J into a little Labor Day Weekend trip, ya think??  (I can hope, right?)

Fun at Sanibel Park

Daddy's Boys
Chillaxin' on a Bike Ride
...and a much-needed Icee to cool down!

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