Monday, September 13, 2010

Memory Monday

For this initial Memory Monday, I decided to go back a little further than one year.  2009 was a whirlwind year for us.  We put our house up for sale and in a matter of 5 weeks had a contract on that house, Justin got a promotion (which moved him to a night shift), and got pregnant.  The months following that blew by in a craze of moving, moving again, and birthing a baby. 

With all that crazyness, I actually can't pin-point any photos from an event from September 2009.  The photos below are actually from our annual Sanibel vacation which was in late June 2009.  When I think back to this trip, we were pregnant with Brigdon during this vacation, and I remember us being there the week before we were to find out if he was to be a boy or a girl.  There's a little shop on the island that carries Lilly Pulitzer apparel and I came quite close to taking a chance and buying a sweet little dress for my baby girl-to-be.  That "girl-to-be" ended up being a "boy-to-be."

As I glance back over these snapshots, it is so strange to me to see our family as 3, in the pre-Briggy days.  That little guy just makes our family complete. 

Here is a recap of our Sanibel vacation 2010.  [These were my blonde days and looking at these pictures totally makes me want my blonde-ness back!]

As mentioned in the recap of our Sanibel vacation 2010, we have the opportunity every year to do a fishing charter with Capt. Dave Hoke .  Though the pic above was not the biggest catch of that trip, I'm still quite proud.  Here is a recap of our fishing trip from this year; of which I did have the biggest catch.  :)  [Just had to throw that bit of info in there!]

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