Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The highlight of our annual vacation at Sanibel is our fishing charter with Captain Dave.  We always have the most fun and have been blessed in the past with perfect weather and awesome fishing.  We've caught redfish, snook, snapper and sheepshead.  As Harrison's birthday gift from Justin and I, we took him along for our trip. 

The weather was great.  Harrison enjoyed riding in the boat.  At the start of our day, it took a little bit for us to find the fish and he started to get a little whiny.  Anyone who knows me knows that I can take very little of the whining.  Give me a blood-curdeling scream over whining any day.  Once we started catching fish, he was totally into it.  He had insisted on bringing his "Spidey pole," and was happy to cast and reel the same half-dead shrimp. 

Between Justin and I, we caught about 10 redfish in the 4 hours of our trip.  First thing I hooked was a sting ray and we both caught a few little catfish here and there.  Wanting to get Harrison in the real fishing, Captain Dave unhooked a redfish that I had just brought it and (unknowing to Harrison) hooked it on the end of his Spiderman pole and let him reel it in.  Harrison thought all along that he had caught the fish and reeled it in.  It was so fun to watch him - He was so serious about it.  I actually got it on the video camera!  All in all, it was a good day and time well spent with just him, which doesn't happen often enough.

For the record, that photo up top is the largest catch of the day, hooked by....Me!

Mama's heart 

Loved riding the boat

Justin with one of our 10-ish redfish of the day (mine was the biggest though!)

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