Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bye-Bye Cavity Bugs

Harrison made his first dentist visit last week.  This was a big deal for him because he's been numerous times with Mama and Daddy to have our teeth cleaned, but he's never been the one in that cool, comfy reclining chair with the TV.

Since it was his very first visit, our (awesome) hygienist Andrea took her time and showed him all the tools and let him touch them and patiently explained what she was going to do.  She asked him to guess how many teeth he thought he had.  His reply, "maybe 6."  Hardly....more like 20.  Anyway, Andrea let him practice filling a little cup with water from her sprayer thingy (real professional language here) and then suck it up with the vacumn hose, which she aptly called "Mr. Thirsty."  When she explained the big overhead light and that it was so she could look in his mouth because it's dark in there, he says "yep, like a cave."  To sheild his eyes from that bright light, Andrea gave him a pair of "super cool" sunglasses.  The most favorite Diego shades that Santa brought and he adores are now second place; these ugly lime green things have stepped up.  (see photos)  The most important lesson learned that day was that he had to take really good care of his teeth by brushing them really well to get rid of the "cavity bugs."  I think I've answered 35 questions about "cavity bugs" since that dentist visit. 

All in all, Andrea said he was the best little patient.  He patiently let her polish all 20 of those teeth and even let her scrape some build-up off of the back sides of his front teeth...something she said most 3-year-olds wouldn't allow.  The rest of the day, he kept looking in the mirror at his teeth.  I was relieved that his first visit was not traumatic.  He actually had fun and asked me when he could go back!

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