Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

Finally, Brig is rolling over!  At nearly 6 months old, we wondered when he would start rolling over.  He's been right on the edge for months, and I am so very proud to say that he is now rolling over along with the rest ther 6-month-old's on the planet. 

Justin was watching him play in the floor one afternoon last week while I was working and that's when all the action occurred.  He said he was just laying there on his back, kicking and playing, then "bloop"...over he went!  Of course, he called me in the room and sure enough, he was on his tummy looking around like, "How on earth did this happen??!?"  I helped him flip back to his back and I could tell he was relieved to be in familiar territory.  I grabbed my camera because I just knew he'd do it again right then with my camera so carefully poised.  Nope.  "C'mon Brig!  Do it again!  Let Mama see you roll over!!"  Nothing.  I ended up walking into the kitchen and pretended to do something else.  Naturally, "bloop"...over he went.  Silly boy.

I did end up snapping a few pictures the next day and he has been rolling like a ball ever since!  It's amazing how one little gesture opens up a whole new world of things to get into.  Although a bit of a late-bloomer, this kid is a genius (although I'm a tad partial). 




Ta Da!

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