Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sweet Summertime!

The early heat wave that has recently settled in + a teething-like-crazy 5-month-old = Popsicles! Anyone who knows our little family, knows that we all have a sweet tooth. All things in moderation. So after supper and Daddy off to work, my boys and I settled in the shade of our back porch for cool, sweet popsicles. Yum! This was Brig's first popsicle and he took to it quick. What can I say...the kid's got skills!

I think this may become a new, post-supper tradition for us. I hope when my boys are grown that they'll remember simple times like this. Shady porch. Popsicles. Mama.

Sweet summertime!

Side note: How sweet are those cheeks??!? Makes you wanna kiss 'em...and I do on a daily basis!

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