Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Visit with Auntie Em

My sweet-souled Harrison just adores all his family members, especially so the ones he doesn't see on a regular basis.  Aunt Emily and Uncle Russ live in Atlanta and they don't get to visit that often.  Harrison was in their wedding last year and asks about them often.  Aunt Emily came down for a short visit last weekend and had lunch with us on Sunday.  It was a nice little visit AND her first time meeting Brig.  Naturally, since she was on his turf, Harrison took over and had to give her the tour including his toys, trucks, bedroom, and most proud...his little garden!  This was in the midday sun and nothing had been watered yet, so the plants were a little droopy.  That didn't bother Harrison.  He showed off all his plants...Sunflowers, corn, watermelon, "maters," squash, and cucumbers.  Such a nice visit and a chance to catch up.  Can't wait to see them again later this summer!

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  1. I remember reading this back when you posted it, but now that my girls have had the Great Experience of hanging out with Super Cool Emily, I totally understand how much fun it was for all of you! ;) No wonder Harrison loves his Aunt Emily!