Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Food?? No Way - I Want the Real Stuff!

Over the last few weeks, Brigdon's gotten more and more curious about what's on my plate at mealtime versus what he's having.  Taking that cue, we decided to start introducing "real" food little by little.  So far, he's a big fan of mashed potatoes, grits, biscuits, green beans, pasta, and peaches.  Though still no teeth at this point, there are 2 nearly through on the bottom.  I've been checking every day for those little teefers to just pop on through. 
I don't get what's taking so long.

Hoping to help those teeth come through, I picked up a box of Gerber teething biscuits.  These are like hard cookie things that babies can gnaw on to help with self-feeding and relieve their urge to chew on things.  My word!  This kid inhaled that thing and looked at me like, "Another, please.  Why are still standing there?" 

Is there anything cuter than plump little babies learned to ropes on how to feed themselves?? 

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