Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vacation Bible School 2010

My big guy's growing up! 

This summer, he was old enough to participate in our church's annual vacation Bible school, "Backstage With the Bible."  It took a few conversations for us to get him to understand this was not real school, but that it'd be something he'd have fun at anyway.  I was one of his leaders and this was my first year leading this age group.  We had 14 or 15 four and five year olds each night.  They were wild and funny and kept us on our toes.  Thank goodness for awesome helpers!  I did learn that in the future, I will not be a leader for any age group that I have a child in said age group.  Being Harrison's parent, I felt the need to get onto him constantly which after 5 nights in a row of, I was quite annoyed.  Anyone who knows my boy knows that his wild streak come through loud and clear whenever he's with his little friends!  Well, that wild streak was screaming all week long! 

When the week was through, that boy had had the MOST fun!  He can't wait for "akayshun Bible skool" next year.  The following Sunday night, the whole crowd of kids got to perform a few of the songs they had learned throughout the week for their parents and the rest of the congregation.  Where's my kid??  Front and center and proud of it!  During their performance, Justin and I laughed at his silly expressions and little dances until we were in tears.  So, so, SO cute!  If one thing's for sure, he keeps us laughing. 

Learning about being "fishers of men."

Meghan, Harrison, and Logan

Sing it loud, sing it proud!

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