Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Disney Characters.... *sigh*

Study this photo closely.  These are pajamas that Harrison picked out himself one night before bed.  The shirt?  Buzz Lightyear, of course.  The pants?  Lightning McQueen, of course.  A perfect match?  In Harrison's mind, of course. 

Like many other little boys his age, Harrison adores the Toy Story characters (and by characters, I mean mainly Buzz Lightyear) and the Cars characters (namely Tow Mater, second runner up Lightning McQueen, AKA "Mighty Queen" as he's better-known in our house).  My little cousin Gavin handed these down to Harrison and though they do not match, it cracked me up that he busted out wearing these pajamas one night.  Two of his most favorite characters!

Funniest of all is that anyone who knows me knows that I totally loathe anything with characters on it.  I actually warned people while I was still pregnant to please NOT buy things with characters on them for my children.  They will be thrown away...thrown...a...way.  Well, all it took was for my first born to fall in love with the oh-so-annoying Thomas the Train, always chipper Mickey Mouse, and let's not forget the two VIPs mentioned above, for me to give in.  A little.  Feeding his adoration for brightly colored, obnoxious character-laden clothing, I make it a point to buy him character underwear and character pajamas.  If by chance you run into my children in public and they're wearing something character-y, their Daddy dressed them.  I learned quite quickly that the above-mentioned rules don't apply to Daddy.  :)

These are just my conclusions and I'm a tad OCD about this subject. 

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