Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three Things...

I have the privilege of being able to pick Harrison up from school every day.  Harrison is blessed with a good Daddy and a good Meme who take him to school in the mornings most days.  With last week being his first week, I got to take him and pick him up. 

Now that we're well into the swing of things, we started our new routine this week with Daddy and Meme taking him into school on different days.  When I pick him up and we get loaded up in the truck, the first thing I ask him is did he have fun that day.  Of course, his answer is always "Yes!"  He is loving school and his friends and his teacher - I am quite proud.

Today, I asked him to name 3 things that he enjoyed the most at school that day.  Here they are (in no particular order):

1.)  "We got to play on the playground!"  This is something that happens every day (weather permitting) and I have a feeling this will be on the top of his Three Things list daily!

2.)  "We had centers today and I got to go to the kitchen."  I had to ask him a few times to make sure I got that right.  Though still not very sure what "centers" are, they are obviously quite fun and today he got to explore in the kitchen.  He didn't say that they cooked anything in the kitchen??  Confusing.

3.)  "We had a fire drill."  Up to this point, I had no idea that Harrison even knew what a fire drill was.  So I cleverly asked him, "What's a fire drill?"  He went into precise detail explaining everything that happens and where you go and what you do.  I was absolutely floored by how much of this he remembered and how detailed he was in retelling me.  His favorite part of the fire drill?  The alarm.  He said to me, "We should get that at our house."  Hmmm....I think not.  Between him and Briggy, we have all the noise we can handle right now.  

I'll keep trying to remember what he lists as his Three Things and update them here from time to time.  I have a feeling when he's that smart-mouthed teenager, I'll enjoy being able to look back at the sweet things he had to say in his younger days! 

On an even sweeter note, his class started memorizing their first piece of scripture.  They work on a different verse every week and have to recite it by memory at the end of the week.  This week's verse is quite fitting as they are learning all about themselves...their names, their bodies, and how they work. 

"For I will make your name great..."  Genesis 12:2

It blesses my heart to hear him repeat these words from his memory.  So smart he is!

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  1. Hooray for "three things"!! :) Too funny about the "centers" thing, too. I totally have had to ask my girls' teachers what things are when my girls come home describing something that is totally out of my experience. Hooray for preschool!