Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Memory Monday

Alrighty...we're into week number 2 of "Memory Monday."  Here goes...

In our neck of the woods, the annual agricultural fair is a b.i.g. deal.  Our Baker County Fair starts up next week and is the star of this week's Memory Monday.  Last year...

(For some reason, the resolution of these photos is very low.  Sorry for the grainy, fuzzy mess)

Daddy and Harrison Carousel-ing

My Heart

Best Friends til the End - Harrison and Tyler

We have made it a point -- even before children -- to attend the fair every year. I will admit, it's mainly for the food. Corn dogs, snow cones, and funnel cakes - Oh my! This is the one time of year that I give into such greasy, artery-clogging deliciousness. Once a year's not bad, right?

Though our fair is small (REALLY small), my Harrison loves it.  As soon as we make the turn onto the street where the fairgrounds are located and he sees all the cars, the excitement starts.  It builds second by second in anticipation of the lights and the food and the animals. 

So as our little fair gets going next week, I'll be posting pictures but with one small change....a new Buckaroo in tow.  No doubt our little happy Brig will love all the action too!

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