Monday, October 25, 2010

50 is Fabulous

Our "B" is the big 5-0!

To celebrate, we had quite the celebration with lots of family and friends in attendance.  It was a fun time of laughs, fellowship, and remembrance.

Harrison had spent the day of the party practicing his little songs and his memory verses.  He told me, "...Ummm, I vank I'm prolly gonna do like 4 songs and maybe 3 burses."  We didn't actually think he'd actually go through with it, but were totally surprised.  No need for a deejay, he was our entertainment!  In true Harrison style, he belted them out like the little country boy he is.  We were cracking up! 

I am so grateful our friend Michele captured a few shots of his singing in the "maackerphone." 

 Love this picture, but it makes me wish we'd had coordinated our clothes a little better!

This boy is my heart

...and this one too!

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  1. Everyone looks so great! Brenda's party looks amazing. My favorite about your post is that I didn't get "maackerphone" until I remembered that he would be saying it with a Southern accent! Too cute!! I am such a Minnesotan. ;)