Wednesday, October 6, 2010

God Bless the USA

This is quick (had to get it in here before I forget)...

Justin and I have been talking wtih Harrison a lot about gratitude and how blessed he is in comparison to children in other parts of the world.  In getting ready for bed tonight, somehow we got on this topic again.  As a side note, I've begun to realize that most "teaching opportunities" present themselves in the most mundane day-to-day moments when you'd least expect it (or actually be able to prepare for!). 

With Justin working nights, I make it a point to pray with Harrison every night in bed.  We talk and recount the day and what we have going on the next day and make a mental list of what we want to pray for.  He usually insists that I go first, and on this particular night, I did just that.  Like always, I threw something short in there about be happy with all our blessings that we don't even deserve.  (Don't fancy words - we're talking about a 4-year-old.)

Next up is Harrison.  The first few lines of his prayers are the s.a.m.e. every night, which is okay with me.  Anyway, he's going down the line "vanking" (thanking) Jesus for nearly everyone he knows (whom he names one by one).  He got to take a field trip to the fair this morning with his school and he gave thanks for that and for having a good time.  He gave thanks for this pretty weather that "makes me not sweat."  We get to the end and he adds "...and vank (thank) you for letting me lib (live) in a crunchy (country) where I can go to church..."  Crunchy?  Did he just say Crunchy?  Yes, yes he did.

After cracking up at "crunchy," I was touched that he didn't bring up his fun toys or nice clothes, but he was thankful he got to go to church.  My sweet-souled boy.

"You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength..." 

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