Thursday, October 7, 2010


This past Friday was a teacher planning day = No school! 

With Harrison now in school and me working in the afternoons, I feel like my one-on-one time with him is limited these days.  So I took the opportunity for us to have a "Fun-Day" like we used to.  A Fun-Day is a day that he gets to pick something fun for us to do.  He can pick going out for ice cream, a trip to the mall (yes, he has picked this before and no, I didn't argue), or baking cookies together.  He decided this Fun-Day was to be spent at the park.  Better yet, Justin was off so he joined us. 

It was such a pretty fall day and we enjoyed our time together that morning.  I'm glad I snapped a few pictures because no doubt I'll forget about sweet simple days like this!

 Love this picture AND those baby blues!

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