Thursday, October 7, 2010

Open House

 My big preschooler had his open house this past Tuesday.  It's been obvious that over the past few weeks, his teachers have been making the students practice for their open house program.  I figured this out as part of our "Three Things" daily routine on our way home from school.  See [here.]  Harrison's Three Things are totally predictable, but it gets him to open up about his day, which I love. 

#1)  "We played on the playground."  This is ALWAYS the first thing he tells me about, which is no surprise.

#2)  He usually has some comment about an artsy activity they did, whether it focused on the color, number or letter of the week.

#3)  The last few weeks, this has been something to do about his "program."  He kept asking over and over, "when is my program again?"  Was he worried we'd forget?!

Part of the learning at his preschool requires the children to memorize a scripture every week.  At first, I didn't think to much of this, but as the weeks have progressed, I've realized that's some hard stuff for a little 4-year-old brain.  Wait...that's some hard stuff for my 27-year-old brain!  That boy has shocked the pants off of me by knowing his scriptures every week.  Just goes to show how absorbent that little brain of his is and how non-absorbent mine is.

The open house program was a series of songs and in between songs, each class would recite a scripture verse.  Now, my Harrison loves to sing...a lot, so needless to say he had been practicing those songs at home.  Day to day, he would remind us he has to practice his "burses" as in verses.  And, week to day, he would spout them off perfectly.  Much better than I could have. 

I am astounded at the things he has learned already in this school year.  His open house program proved what a great job his preschool is doing.  I love that the curriculum is Bible-based and the teachers love the Lord; it shows in how they are with those children. 

At this point, today is Thursday so Harrison has to recite this week's "burse" to his teacher tomorrow. I actually have a list of the weekly verses so we can practice at home, but I hadn't looked at it all week. This afternoon Harrison says to me, "I already know my memory burse." I said, "Okay, lemme hear it." He goes on to recite John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son Jesus..." Can I just say it totally gave me chills. I was expecting something simple out of Proverbs or Psalm, not the single scripture in all of the Bible that sums up human existence.  One proud Mama!

Can't forget about this sweetness, who loved watching Bubs up on stage!

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