Monday, December 6, 2010

First United Methodist Preschool Thanksgiving "Feast"

I'm understanding already just how much more fun the holidays are with a kid in school.  It's like the excitement is x10 when they get the chance to celebrate the holidays nearly every day at school! 

First up...the "Thanksgiving Feast." 

Harrison's school had been practicing for a special Thanksgiving program -- complete with pilgrim and indian costumes -- in anticipation for their Thanksgiving Feast.  This was a special program because not just anyone could attend...Harrison had to invite just one special person to join him for the program and a special lunch the children had put together.  I knew immediately that I was out of the running to be the special guest and assumed it would either be Daddy or Meme (Justin's mom).  But I didn't force the issue and let Harrison decide.  The winner was....Meme!  I sent her with my camera that day so she could at least snap a few shots of my little Thanksgiving Indian.

The menu for the day was turkey sandwiches, chips, fruit salad, cookies and a very special pumpkin pie that the kids made themselves.  I had volunteered to help with pumpkin pie day, so the day before the feast, I got to help the students actually make the pies and they did a fabulous job.  Meme said they were quite proud that they had made the pumpkin pie!

Harrison's class is always in the back row -- What's up with that??

Wow - What a feast!

My Little Indian

Though I didn't celebrate this day with him, I'm happy Meme had the opportunity to attend and see all the kids' efforts had payed off!

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