Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Truth

As we're well into the Christmas season, naturally I studied a bit in Luke chapter 2 today and so it's on my mind and quite fitting for the "Tuesday Truth." 

Luke is my favorite of the 4 gospels.  History tells us that Luke was a doctor and he was the only one to write a gospel of Jesus who wasn't one of the 12 disciples.  Being a doctor, his writing is very detail-oriented; and being outside of the 12 disciples, his observations on Jesus' life -- and even His death -- are real-life and matter-of-fact. 

I've read this passage many times, but there were a few verses that moved me today.  Just one more way that God works on me through experiences in Mommy-hood.

Luke 2:7 - "She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger..." 

So this is where my Mama-ness comes out.  I can totally identify with Mary.  I can picture her swaddling that sweet-smelling, soft-skinned baby boy just like I've swaddled my own babies countless times, and then placing a soft kiss on the perfect tiny forehead.  And I just can't help but wonder what could've been going through her mind at the time.  After all, she knew what had been prophesied about Jesus. 

Could she imagine that her innocent baby boy was the Messiah -- prophesied for years and years before?  Did it even cross her mind that she would watch him be falsely crucified as ransom for the sins of the world?  I don't know.  But, I would think above all, she simply marveled at the miracle a new baby is and the favor God that had found in her. 

Later on in the chapter, Luke says (in verse 19), "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." 

I can quickly think back to that day 4 years ago in June; my first-born Harrison's "birth day" -- The day I became a Mama.  The details and the moments of that day are vividly burned in my mind as if they happened yesterday.  Just like I treasure those memories, no doubt those same moments are the things Mary treasured in her heart.  Above all, she was still a Mama.

Sadly, in the hustle and bustle of trying me to create the perfect Christmas, I so quickly forget to "unwrap" the most important gift of all -- the gift of Jesus. 
And as emblazoned on my memory are the details of my children's births,
so should God's gift of Jesus be emblazoned on my heart. 

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