Monday, December 6, 2010

Memory Monday

Glad to be back on regular routine.  The holidays are fast-approaching and my bunch is crazy-busy once again!

One year ago, we were adjusting to life with a 1-week-old baby.  On this same day a year ago, my very dear friend and most talented photographer Jennifer spent a few hours of her morning photographing my new bundle of sweetness.  He was a bit of a pickle at times, but Jennifer did what she does best and got the most beautiful simple portraits of little (and he was little) Brigdon David.

Though it seems this year has sped past with rapid speed, I can clearly remember this day a year ago.  I was smack dab in the middle of new-baby exhaustion mode.  And if you have had a new-baby, you know exactly what I mean.  Yikes. 

What'd they say, "This too shall pass..."??  And it did.  Eventually.  And through my exhaustion, I managed to get my little family to Jennifer that day and am so grateful I took the opportunity to have Brig photographed while he was still wrinkly and fresh.  To remember his eyes (when they would open) that deep, deep blue...the color of new.

I have quite a few of these photos framed throughout my house and they never cease to stop me in my tracks and make me thank Jesus for my sweet baby and the joy and laughter he brings to our home. 

We have never been the same.

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