Monday, December 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

***  This is way behind...The month of November was devoted to "Bountiful Blessings" which in itself was a blessing.  Sadly, I have to remind myself to be thankful.  BUT, we are now back on track.  Be prepared for lots of "Month of November Fun" posts coming your way! 

Our little people had the most fun this Halloween -- AND Brig's first Halloween!  Harrison had decided months back that he wanted to be a cowboy (again - same as last year) and I didn't object since we already had all the goods for another cowboy costume.  I did take a hour or so and stitch him up a jazzy new vest and chaps for this year.  In keeping with tradition, Brig was a pumpkin.  He actually wore a pumpkin costume that I made for Harrison's for Halloween and held onto it in hopes that all my babies would wear it for their first Halloween.  A few friends have borrowed it over years past, and it always makes me smile to see those little chub-a-lubs in that cute costume!

Logan and Harrison - Cowboys at heart

Mama's sweet Punkin-Head

The whole gang - Macie, Meghan, Logan, Harrison

These fellas are ready to roll!

"Howdy Partner!"

Special thanks to the Thomas family for letting us tag along trick-or-treating in their neighborhood.  (There is no trick-or-treating in the woods where we live!)  And another special thanks to the Wilson family for hauling the whole bunch around in their UTV!

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