Saturday, April 17, 2010


There have been quite a few posts about my big guy Harrison and I was feeling as if my little guy, Brigdon, was being left out. Brigdon David was born November 30 and is the jolliest, most joy-filled child. I pray that he keeps his happy, content little personality forever. (It'll make for a very happy wife someday...someday far, far away!)

He is such a blessing and a joy to our family every day. It brings tears to my eyes to see my growing family. A family I never dreamed I'd actually have.
After Harrison was born, I honestly thought I would never be able to love another child as much as I loved him, my first-born. Even up until the very last days of pregnancy with Brig, I still had no idea how I would "split" my love equally between 2 children. How amazing God is that he can see into a Mama's heart and somehow make her love that 2nd (or 3rd or 4th...) child just as much as the first. I didn't think my heart could hold any more love, but it amazingly does.

So, just to brag, here are a few shots of my sweetness. These boys are my heart and I thank God for 2 happy-go-lucky, bright children!

As a side note or side story or whatever...I just had to blog this before I forgot. Last night after Brig was in bed, I had reminded Harrison to go clean his room while I took a quick shower and then he would be done with his chores for the night. So, he went off to his room while I hopped in the shower. Not 2 minutes later, he runs in the bathroom and says, "My room is done!" Really?? is what I'm thinking. So I reminded him, "If that room isn't done when I get out and check it, then you're not getting your sticker (for his chore chart) and you won't get your money for today. You have to do ALL the chores to get the money." He says, "Okay...but my room is done!" I said, "Alright, I'm gonna check it in a minute."
So I get my shower completed and he says to me, "Come check my room, it's done!" And here's the kicker.... He adds, "You are NOT gonna believe your eyes!" My word! Where one earth does he come up with this stuff!
Needless to say, I didn't believe my eyes. His room WAS done and it was done RIGHT! Crazy kid...He never ceases to crack me up!


  1. love the pics Susan! Brig looks very dapper in his newsboy hat! They are such precious gifts from God!

  2. Brig is such a cutie patootie! He & Harrison look a lot a like! Don't you just love when they make us "not believe our eyes"?? Have a great weekend Susan!