Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Culprit

[This actually happened last week, I've just been a bit slow at updating (surprise surprise). ]

Justin had spent a large part of the early morning working outside when the phone rings. He was on the other end asking me to bring him a shotgun. First thing out of my mouth, "What are you shootin' at?" I honestly assumed it would be a snake as this is the time of year that snakes start to make their appearance. Yuck. I. Dislike. Snakes. Another "joy" of the woods life. His reply, however, "No, a coon." As in RACCOON. Another yuck. I. Dislike. Rodents. Especiallly this species of rodent in particular because him and his pals have been getting into our garbage nearly every night. Yet another "joy" of woods life. With all the action, Harrison darts to his room and throws on play clothes at sonic speed and jets outside. I heard a few shots fired and here my spouse dragged that germ-possessed thing up to the house. Yuck. He says, "Get your camera and take our picture" as he was obviously quite proud. Yuck. Seizing the opportunity of a picture (I can't resist), I grabbed my camera and took this:

The first thing that came to my mind when I looked at the resulting photo was, "My word, do we look like some pure White Trash??!?" As if it weren't bad enough that my husband had shot a raccoon IN OUR BACKYARD, my kid looks like he just rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing he could find (which he actually did) AND they stooped for a picture in a spot with no gross AND you can see a set of 2.5-ton military axles (for a future "project" he keeps telling me) in the background. Seriously??

So this is my disclaimer: We are not the trashy folks that this photo shouts we are. I almost hesitated to post this picture, but then figured Why Not? Someday when that kid is grown, he'll have this picture and maybe remember that day and it just might bring a smile to his face. In that case, I guess it's worth a little of my disgrace at this time.


  1. Love it! If that picture makes you white trash, then heaven knows I don't want to know what category my family falls in to. The winter that I was pregnant with Tucker, Travis was all about coon hunting. He actually had some people in our town asking him to sale them to them... because they EAT THEM! Talk about yuck! Anywho, that year, he'd skin the coons and where do you think the skins ended up? Down our fence line. Sure did. At one point there were as many as 7-8 lined up down the fence. Each time I looked out the kitchen windows, all I saw were the coats of these once live critters. One afternoon it was really windy and Carter told me, "look momma, the coons are dancing!" :) Love country life, don't you???

  2. Jen - So glad I'm not alone in this country-fried life of ours! It makes for some interesting stories. I could not make this stuff up if I tried! :)